It’s a New Day!

So, things changed in the Murray world quite a bit since the COVID-19 pandemic. You know, things like online learning (a.ka. home schooling) for the older two kiddies, running after and entertaining a 2 year old, preparing for a 4th bundle. This said, I am taking a break from ‘done for you’ and custom desserts until the fall. Joining the mailing list so you can be in the know about what’s coming soon. HINT; bougie decadence delivered to your front door. Yasss!

Work with Me
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Brand Partnerships

I absolutely love to bake. What I love even more is infecting others with the joy I experience. I focus on recipes with minimal ingredients and leave room for me to inspire my audience to release their inner creativity. On this baking journey, I share tips and encourage flavor experimentation with ingredients already in the pantry. Also, I deliver content my audience drools over, of course.

We would love to work with companies whose products are in sync with our goal of sharing the joy of baking and are a good fit for our audience. You can reach me via email at

Sponsored Posts

We can incorporate your company/product/brand in a recipe with narration and images.

Brand Ambassadorships

If your company/product/brand is a good fit with Fran Murray Co. and our audience, we welcome an ongoing partnership through sponsored posts and social media campaigns tailored to your company/product/brand needs.


If you have a product you think our readers will love, get in touch and tell us about it. Contests and giveaways are a fun way to get people exposed to and excited about your product.

Baking Facilitations & Workshops

We have worked with many groups of kids and they have a blast every time. We would love to host your next workshop at your boys/girls club, kids club, school or community group.


The benefits of baking with children include bilateral coordination development which is the symmetrical, reciprocal and coordinated movement of the body, outlet for self-expression, and time to focus and be present which can temporarily ease the pressure of negative circumstances and thoughts.


During our workshops, kids get to practice listening skills and learn the importance of following instructions among so many other things.  Our favorite part is when we make up songs to go along with our baking action; whether it be rolling dough or stirring up a mixture.  They have an absolute blast and so do we.


Know a school, community, girls/boy club group that would benefit from a baking workshop?  Send me an email at