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So, things changed in the Murray world quite a bit since the COVID-19 pandemic. You know, things like online learning (a.ka. home schooling) for the older two kiddies, running after and entertaining a 2 year old, preparing for a 4th bundle. This said, I am taking a break from ‘done for you’ and custom desserts until the fall. Joining the mailing list so you can be in the know about what’s coming soon. HINT; bougie decadence delivered to your front door. Yasss!

7 Tips for Cake Smash Photo Shoot Success
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7 Tips for Cake Smash Photo Shoot Success

Cake smash photo shoot sessions are still quite popular and produce the cutest photos.   It’s a fun way of celebrating your little blessing’s first year.  Confession; my favourite part is witnessing the baby’s multitude of expressions 🤣. Their processing of whether to be excited, confused, happy etc….loool. sooooo cute and hilarious. 

I have baked for quite a few first birthday cake smash photo sessions over the years.  I am thrilled I got the opportunity to do them for my little ones. For my son, I decided on a blue airplane theme because he had a blue hand knitted airplane stuffy that was super adorable.  For my daughter, I decided on a pink garden theme because she had a cute pink flower dress that reminded me of a summer garden.  Both sessions were done in our home, on the floor near a large window.  

 As far as the cake goes, my ultimate tip is to keep it simple.  I would stick to a small plain vanilla cake unless you know for certain your little one loves… I mean, loves a different flavor. 

Let’s talk about props for a bit.  It’s best to keep it simple-clutter is not your friend and use up what you already have.  For the pink garden themed session, I reused my daughter’s flower hoop decor I made for her christening quite a few months prior for the backdrop. I also used a table cloth, green decor balls and some grass like decor I had on hand. For the blue airplane themed session, I bought a few balloons, strung tassel and large block letters. I reused his toy airplane and wrapped some cardboard boxes like presents.  Ok, I know what you are thinking; “who in the world would have those green decor balls and grass like thingies handing around their house?” Alright! I get! Have a look around your home for items.  You will be amazed at how you can repurpose your home decor.  There are also lots of options online.  Your photographer may also have items that can be used; it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

7 Tips for Cake Smash Photo Shoot Success


Whether you are setting things up in your home or at a studio, the following tips will make your cake smash photo shoot session a success.  These tips are in no particular order.  Here we go!


Tip# 1


After all, isn’t this the point? The cutest pics are the messiest😍. Set up on floorboards, tiles or any easy to clean surface.  Carpets and expensive rugs are a no go unless you love cleaning so much that you leap at the chance of scrubbing coloured buttercream out of your carpet. 

Tip# 2


A tired cranky baby isn’t much fun for you or the photographer. Also, if the baby is too full, they may not want to taste the cake.  The opposite is also true; a super hungry baby is a cranky baby who also may not want anything to do with a new experience.  Do you jump at the chance of eating a slice of cake when you are full?  Okay, terrible question but you know what I am saying.  A well rested, slightly hungry and happy baby is the goal. 

Tip# 3


You don’t want baby venturing off the set towards something that has caught their eyes.  Limit the number of folks (and chatter) in the photo shoot area too; it should be clear to baby whose voice they should focus on.

Tip# 4


Which tot doesn’t like munchies? It’s something they can get excited about which will help the photographer along.  A familiar toy is to make your tot feel at ease; especially if the shoot is in an unfamiliar place or the photographer is an unfamiliar person. 

Tip# 5


This is where the fun comes in.  Actually demonstrate; babies are expert mimics.  If you want them to laugh, then laugh. If you want them to clap, then clap. If you want them to get right into the cake, poke your finger in the cake or grab a chunk and eat it with the level of excitement you know your baby can handle. 

Tip# 6


The worst thing you can do is scramble last minute to bake or order the cake and even source out a photographer. babies pick up on our emotions. We want happy, calm and comfortable babies! Wrapping cardboard boxes as gifts, blowing up a few balloons (helium filled and non-helium filled) and maybe 1-2 more other props like block letters or a stuffy goes a long way!  Do not spend time preparing too many props.  The baby and the cake should be the focus.

Tip# 7


This is according to my personal experience.  You have more versatility in terms of prop/decor use. If you don’t have a plain wall, ask the photographer to bring a backdrop or two for you to choose from.  If all else fails, a light colored bed sheet can work; however, may require ironing so sort this out before hand.

There you have it! It’s an absolute pleasure sharing these photos and tips with your.  I had a great time preparing and executing these two sessions.  I hope these tips are helpful in guiding you along your journey to executing a successful cash smash photo shoot session of our own.  



Frances Murray
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